Emergency Pain Relief
in Portsmouth, NH

Emergency Pain Relief in Portsmouth

Even when you live with chronic pain, some days can be worse than others. If you’re struggling with unbearable pain and need emergency pain relief, give our office a call at 603-766-8500 . During our regular office hours, we will give immediate attention to your situation and make room in our schedule to see you as soon as possible.

If you need to reach our doctors after hours, call us and follow the instructions on the recorded message. We will return your call as soon as we are able to. For serious or life threatening emergencies, call 911 right away or go to your nearest emergency room for treatment.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Emergency Pain Relief

When should you go to the ER for pain?

If you suffer from chronic pain, you likely know what type of pain is normal for you. Chest pains, severe pain accompanied by other symptoms that you don’t usually experience, and weakness or numbness on one side of the body are all signs that you should go to the ER right away. Otherwise, wait to speak with one of our doctors and we will provide guidance on whether you should go to the hospital or come to our office for an emergency appointment.

Is pain an emergency?

As a pain management clinic, we consider pain an emergency when it’s unbearable or making it impossible for you to sleep or perform basic functions. If your pain suddenly worsens and your regular medications are no longer working, this too is a situation requiring emergency pain relief.

What is considered severe pain?

Pain is subjective, so it’s difficult to measure. If we use a scale from 0 to 10, with 0 being no pain at all, anything above an 8 is considered severe pain. Another way to assess your pain is to think about its impact on your life. If your pain is making it difficult for you to work, perform household chores, and sleep, it’s likely severe.

How do you treat severe pain?

Pain is complicated and so is treatment. This is why so many chronic pain patients take years to find a doctor or a treatment that works for them. If you come to our practice with severe pain, we will first provide you with emergency pain relief, then we will tackle the underlying cause of your pain in order to find a long-term treatment that helps you resume your regular activities.

When should I go to the ER for back pain?

If you’re a current patient at American Pain Institute, call our office and we can assess your situation and determine whether you should go to the emergency room or whether an emergency office visit to our clinic is sufficient. Unless you’re unable to move or your back pain is unbearable even after taking medication, it’s best to see your doctor here, as we’re familiar with your case and the treatments being used for your pain.

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